Be Generous and Considerate If You are to Have a Threesome

There are many tips, advice and video saying that generosity and consideration are the top two necessary quality for swingers. They are very true. Unlike traditional sex, threesome involves three persons, instead of two, which means it requires extra attention. Threesome often happens between a couple and a single. The single can be someone they are familiar with, or a total stranger. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on individuals. As much as everyone knows that generosity and consideration come first in threesome, many people still do not know why they matter so much. Today, I would like to talk about a threesome experience of mine. To let you know that why the two qualities are so vital in a threesome.

I once had a threesome with a couple who doesn't have these qualities. The threesome hookup didn't go so well. I was single back then and also a major swinger. I had many threesomes with many swinger couples, but I have never met someone like them. They were so selfish and egotistical that there was no way for them to swing.

We found each other on a threesome dating app. The best of online couple dating app is that it allows both parties to choose. Only if they are attracted to each other, can they connect. We were matched. For me, before actually doing it, I usually invite them for a movie or a dinner, after that, I decide whether I would like to have a threesome with them. So we went to a movie together. After we finished the movie, I thought they were all nice people, so I said yes when they invited me to their house. After arrived at their house, we got started directly. We went to their bedroom. It was a lovely bedroom. Her husband started to strip off my tops and kiss me. I was touching her wife and in the meantime, she was taking off her clothes. After she was left with her bra only, she tried to squeeze her head in between her husband and I. So I thought maybe it was her turn. I let her and started to undress her husband while kissing her body. Maybe she thought that I blocked her body from her husband's, so she decided to take over my current job and undress her husband. I only could kiss her neck and body. I could see that the man was trying to make his hands for me, but were warded off by the woman. After the woman done with his lips and face, she went to his body. The man switched another posture and trying to kiss my body, but again, the woman found a way to prevent it from happening. I felt like that I was left out and there was no need for me to stay anymore. So I left.

The woman was so easy to be jealous and so selfish. Such person is not suitable for threesome.