The Leading Couagr Dating App : CougarD


CougarD basically a like and match app, this app enjoys amazing popularity among a few older women and younger men of members. It is targeted mainly towards the older women and younger men for cougar hookup. It helps users in seeing through the different profiles and checking out their pictures. The exclusive features helps members to find their partners in a easy and convenient way.

Sign up

CougarD allow users sign up in two ways. You will not spend too much time on registrstion. Fortunately, you can use various patterns and sign up such as Facebook or an email address. Then you need to fill up some basic information to your profile including age, height, location and so on. After that, choose several life photo to upload your profile could increce the opportunities to find the perfect partner. For privacy purposes, only someone with your permission can view your profile photos.

Basic Features

  • QuickMatch: CougarD has many useful and interesting features. QuickMatch is one of the most characteristic features. With the QuickMatch you can meet thousands of potential matches, and you will more potential matches than free member if you upgrade your membership.
  • Messages: If you are paid member, you can send messages to anyone you want. If not, you are able to reply the messages to other users who send messages to you.
  • Moments: Moments is another powerful feature. Through the moments tool, you can share your life state and comment the information of other users. It has been proved to be an efficient way to attract other users' attention.
  • History:Through the history tool, you can check members who liked you and matched with you. You can look at their detail profiles. If you are gold member, you can send messages to any user who visited to you.

Costs of CougarD
CougarD provides its member two membership: one is free standard member and another one is gold member. As a free standard member, you are able to use some basic features, such as quickmatch and moments. As a gold standard member, you can take advantage of all the features offered by this app, such as start a conversation with anyone you want, narrow down your search range, and get extra matches each day. The costs are listed below:

1. One month for $29.99
2. Three months for $28.35 per month or $84.99 the full subscription.
3. Six months for $23.33 per month or $139.99 the full subscription. Best Value!

CougarD us absolutely a great cougar dating app for older women and younger men. It is safe and popular nowadays. In order to cater to those cougars, the team behind CougarD decided to create a relatively comfortable, interesting and convenient dating environment for a cougar dating relationship. This free dating app is great to use in all sorts of places, not only in large metropolitan areas but in less populated areas.