Meet in public first if you are going to have one night hookup

This story was told by one of my friends. She experienced it personally. Now I would like to share with you as a remind for all girls who like to find one night hookup on online hookup apps and best online dating apps. Finding someone to have one night dating with is not dangerous itself, but as soon as you are going to meet each other in real life, things might get tricky. Because this is a person who you never know before. Anyone can register for an account online and that person can be a robber or even worse, a killer. Be careful if you are hunting online, especially for girls. As much as I hate to bring out the cliché, but females are less strong than males due to the difference that we cannot change. We must face the fact that we are usually weaker than males when it comes to fight. We must protect ourselves in every circumstance.

Anyway, my friend found a guy on a hook up app and best online dating apps. They shared a few conversations before meeting. She liked this guy. As she described, he is humorous and very gentle in his words. He respects her in every way and is very considerate. They were both looking for one night hookup dating, so there is no drama between them. Everything is so direct and simple.

A few days after they were matched, the guy asked her out for some drink. She agreed, but just when my friend was about to go out to meet him, he suddenly bailed on her saying that he had some urgent business to take care of. They can meet in the bar of the hotel he was staying. My friend totally understood it and agreed. At 9 PM, my friend went to that bar. It was true that there was a hotel upstairs. The guy texted her with some dirty words to tempt my friend to come upstairs. She didn’t suspicious a thing, so she agreed.

She came to the door and knocked. A man opened the door and before she could see his face, she was dragged inside. The man ripped off her clothes and raped her. That was not the end. My friend was tied up in a chair and she was threatened by the man saying that if she wouldn’t give him her money and phone, he would cut her figures one by one. My friend gave him everything he wanted, including her LV bag.

The man left while my friend was still on the chair naked waiting to be discovered. A day later, the hotel cleaner came in to clean up the room and finally, my friend was found. She went to the police, but there is no way to find the man. All records he used are under fake information. It is very difficult to find that person. My friend was left with broken heart and serious mental damage.