My Feeling About Hooking Apps

Last month, after ending my 2 year relationship, I decided to download some nice BBW dating apps. Actually, I was not ready to be in a serious relationship but my mother said I should have a boyfriend. I was not a person who was always lonely. Instead , I was independent and no boyfriend was not a sad thing for me. But my mother insisted me to go to some blind date and see partners, I thought I should do something to stop her. And I thought in hookup dating apps, I might find lover faster so I asked my male friend for help as I knew he had a lot of lover experience and he recommended two different types of curvy dating apps.

The first one was just for hookups. Yes, I should admit that I also had a one night hookup when I was in college but in this time, I didn’t have this mood. But my male friend told me I could use this kind of apps at first and if I didn’t like it, I could delete it. My friend suggested me not putting my real photos first, because most people did this. For this app, most users' head photos were not real. I listened to his suggestion. He told me that the first step was to test the quality of users. After finishing some basic information, I started the journey. But I found that some of the boy's head photo was the star from the Internet. Some of the boy's showed their self portraits in profiles. Yes, it was a very rustic self portrait. The most speechless thing was that they pretended to be very confident and they felt they were very handsome. Two boys sent me messages but I didn't reply at first.

As a result, a boy asked me why I saw the message and pretended not to see it. I didn't know how to answer because I thought he should know the reason. There were some men who were not so good-looking, but they asked me if I wanted a one night stand with them as an opening line. I really felt offended at that time. In terms of user quality, I thought this type of dating app should improve it. So I deleted my account in this app and went for another one.

This time, I thought this app was good. At least, I didn’t receive the messages if I would like to have a one night hookup as an opening line. Yes, users in this app are more likely to search hookup partners but they were polite. I received three messages and none of them mentioned the hookups. They chatted with me about the normal life at first which made feel they really respected me. I thought this was a good way for hookups. Don’t to be rude and respect the choice of the partners as everyone could sau no.

The two hookup apps give me a tip that when you are using a dating app- do not trust the man who asks an one night hookup as an opening line as this kind of men is trustless.