What is it like being a trans woman?

1. It's amazing

I was live as a boy for 20 years, life was hard and unhappy at that time. I had to wear boy's clothes though I don't like, and I cannot tell anybody about my real feeling. I had to hide my female nature, and that made me uncomfortable. I decided to transition when I was 20. After transitioning, for the first time I felt that I can live in a normal way. I can wear and act as a real woman.

Now, looking back my transitioning, it's amazing. I never knew I can become a real woman. I'm living as an ordinary woman, who is beautiful and confident.

2. It's free and hopeful

I was upset and hopeless before transitioning. Now, everything is better for me. I'm so confident to solve all kinds of problems, life is hopeful now. There is nothing better than live with hope and freedom. I can wear the clothes I like, hookup date a hot man, and go to anywhere I like. Most importantly, I can live as who I am.

3. It's scared

As a transgender woman, I was afraid of violent attacks at first, I even didn't want to go outside or stay in public place. Later, when I got the surgery, I was afraid of being killed or beaten when trans date with guys. I cannot stop worrying in the whole process of transitioning. Then, I started to think I'm a real woman, and forgot I'm a trans woman. I found it's a good way to overcome fearness. Now, I'm focus on how to make myself look like the real woman, I start to learn about women. I will be strong enough to overcome all kinds of problem one day.

4. It's feminine

I don't like live as a man, and don't like men's space, but I was a stranger to women's space before transitioning. It means I was alone, there was no space for me. Women's emotion is more colorful than men's, there are many things for women to talk about. We can easily find that women has the endless topic to talk about. Live as a women, my social range is wider tham before, and I can do anything I want without censure.

Love, indeed is an endless topic to talk about, especially for women. It's a wonderful thing to fall in love with the right man, and hitch yourself to the right partner. It's worth everything in my mind, I want to become a real women, and enjoy my romantic love story.

5. It's a wonderful day

Everyday life for women is so beautiful, I really enjoy every moment of my life as a woman. Get up early, have a shower, wear beautiful clothes, makeup, and then to out for work, this is my daily life. Shopping or have party in my free time, I'm so satisfied with my present life.
To be frack, I don't know what is it like being a trans woman, I just know what is it like being a woman, because I'm a real woman, and I want to be treated as a real woman.