Where does one go on the first date?

You might not think about the impact of the location for first date have on the development of a relationship. It might be the different between a real connection and a wreckage.

Let’s first be sure with how you meet each other: Is it through online dating and hook up apps? It he/she a friend of yours? Did you meet in bars, night clubs, etc? Or she is the one you took some courage to speak to in the coffee shop? This will decide the type of your first date. The point of first date is to find out if you have connections, instead of making sure you both falling in love.

If you haven’t met this person in real life, that is, you met each other on BBW dating and hookup apps: My suggestion is to sit down and have some drinks or coffee or do some relaxing things, like meeting in the park, instead of eating dinner or seeing a movie. Nothing can be more terrible than finding out you are not for each other in 5 minutes after meeting, while you still have to stay with each other for 2 hours until the movie or dinner finishes. This is why I like drinks and coffee on the first hookup date. Besides, these are mush less cost than other activities. If everything goes well and you feel attracted to each other, the conversation should be easy and smooth. You can then invite your date to have a dinner. While movie is still not a good choice on the first date, because all you can do during it is watching silently. You cannot get to know each other if you are not talking. On the other hand, if you don’t feel chemistry going on between you, you can politely refuse the next round and you have some other things to do and leave gracefully.

If you have already met this person in real life before and you talked about things you like, then you can consider some more adventurous activities. If you know some of your common interest, that would be even better. Going to a museum, go climbing, talking a walk in the park or do something weird but you both like.

No matter what dating type you choose, do keep your words. If you said you are going to ask her out for a date, then do it. If you agreed to go out on a date with him, do not back out and text them you have a change of plans after you already agreed to. I don’t know why some people would think it is better to say yes first and no later. It wouldn’t make you less awkward. Therefore, if you are not sure, don’t agree on board.

Now that you have know the location and plan for the first date, get ready and go ahead. Good luck to you all!