Things you need to know before dating transgender women or transgender men

As the society progresses, we are becoming more and more open to a lot of things. Things once considered as a taboo such as transgender has gained a booming acceptance these days. However, before signing up on the transgender dating app or begin dating transgender women or transgender men, here are a few thing you need to know.

Don’t label your ts date.

If you are not a ts girl or ts guy yourself, it might be hard to feel connected or related to them. The reason is clear: we are exposed to a society where everyone is being labeled especially when someone is different from the majority. Keep in mind that your hookup date might be someone who is a little bit different physically, however, never label them as “crossdressing men”, “ladyboy”, “shemale” or simply “transgender”. because everyone hates being put in a certain box and your partner is definitely much more than that. In other words, don’t let porn dedicate your own unique way of communicating with the special someone.

You can ask questions, but not too much.

It is totally understandable to ask questions about something that you don’t know. Because showing your curiosity means that you care. However, too many questions about transgender will be weird or even annoying. If you are on a initial stage with this ts girls or ts guy, don’t act differently by asking too many questions simply because he or she is different from the others. A friend of mine who is a pre-op(trans who have not had surgery but breast augmentations) told me he feels like no more than a text book whenever his non trans date keeps asking him questions about the difference between a crossdresser and a shemale. If you have to know, do your own research in advance.

Back off if you can’t treat your ts date as any other individuals.

It is a common problem in a world of transgender dating: not only transgender women but also transgender men are oversexualized by their partner. Recently, a tremendous amount of complaints from transgender girls and transgender guys on the most famous ts dating app saying their partners tend to view them as a sexual unicorn instead of a normal human being who deserves being respected. In other terms, if you try to violate your ts date like that, please back off.

Make sure you have no problem with it.

Nowadays, a lot of people enter a relationship with transgenders just because they want to know what it is like to date one but want to get to know them genuinely. And the first kind of relationship always tend to end up going south, which will most likely to hurt both parties. So before dating a ts women or a ts men, make sure you have no problem with it.