Tips for Guys – How to Stay Attractive?

Most guys hope to find someone to spend the rest of the life with. So how do you stay attracted to your girlfriend? How do boys attract girls? Here are some tips.

How to maintain a long-term relationship
It must be admitted that falling in love is an ability, and establishing long-term and stable intimacy is also an ability. This ability can be called "love quotient". Scientific research shows that no matter how crazily one person loves another person, this craziness will stop when the secretion of erotic hormones ceases. The so-called "love" is not that people fall in love with the "other party", but the "feeling of love" that people fall in love with. This feeling is generated by substances secreted by the brain. If you are only interested in flirt, dating and one night stand, you can't be regarded as someone with "high love quotient". Only if you have the ability to build and maintain long-term and stable close relationships can you be regarded as someone with love quotient. If you want to maintain a long-term and stable relationship, you must think clearly about what will happen after the passion fades. So, how do we establish and maintain a long-term and stable adult dating relationship?

Empathy and insight
Empathy refers to understanding the feelings of the other person. If you have enough empathy for your girlfriend, you can understand her feelings. As long as you know how she feels, you can understand her behavior. To put it bluntly, most women's behaviors are driven by emotions and psychological feelings. You need to learn to see the problems from her perspective and understand her in her shoes, so that you can know what she thinks. In a long-term relationship, you can continuously improve your understanding of her, including what factors will affect her emotions, and what actions she will take under certain emotions. These are all obtained through observation.

Help her release emotions
When your girlfriend has a bad mood, you must prescribe the right medicine to help her shift her mood so that she can release her emotions. Then she will feel comfortable with you, without burden, just right. How to prescribe the right medicine? Find out and understand in time what caused her bad mood. Usually, a mature woman, if emotions have led to abnormal behavior, then this negative feeling is already very serious. When the bad emotions are just emerging, help her let go and kill the negative signs in the cradle.

It is true that this society is becoming more and more impetuous. The pace of our lives is getting faster. Relationships are like instant noodles with date culture becoming increasingly popular. The key to building long-term intimate relationship is to help each other become a better person. Try to communicate actively and accept each other's pros and cons. It is not easy for two people to come to together and it's even harder to maintain a relationship. You nee